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Steve, jazz musician and author lives near the sea in a village close to Saunton Sands, Croyde Bay and Woolacombe, North Devon. A magical dramatic biosphere location with many areas of outstanding natural beauty, long golden sandy beaches with spectacular scenery. The area is steeped in rugged charm with beautiful unspoilt beaches. The beach at Saunton was used by legendary rock band Pink Floyd's 'A Momentary Lapse of Reason' album artwork, and the image features hundreds of wrought iron Victorian NHS beds sprawled out over the sands. The beach was also used for the Robbie Williams classic video of the hit song 'Angels'

Living in a coastal community he mixes his interest of simple folk art seascapes with musical heritage achieving bold bright colour extremes with cobalt blue skies and titanium white waves with cartoon style rainbow coloured jazzy images.

His love of the sea and musical instruments bring an image, brand and story called 'The Musical Fish' a new children's story in the making aimed at developing and encouraging an interest in learning to play music instruments at a very young age.

Steve is mixing his new canvas acrylic paintings with his concern and awareness of sea and marine pollution. As he walks along his beaches looking for inspiration he is drawn to the on-going acute problem with plastic waste an on-going synonymous problem with all beaches and marine life around the world.

Steve Tucker Musical Fish

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Steve Tucker Musical Fish

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Steve Tucker Musical Fish

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Steve is a jazz musician, vocalist and band leader of The Steve Tucker All Star Jazz Band and has recorded over 9 live albums; tracks can be heard on YouTube. He is also the author of the powerful emotional adoption story of his search for true blood identity, where he came from and to find someone that looks like him. The book is called Billie's Kid.

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